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In our North Vancouver residential custom house project in Ranger Street we used precast concrete for the structure foundation for the first time as opposed to the traditional on-site framing and pouring concrete. As we predicted, this method proved to be a success in terms of time, cost and performance. Concrete blocks were poured in the factory and equipped with heating insulation before they got to the site. Metal studs were placed in the blocks every 16 inches for future frame work, and windows or other kinds of openings were made in the walls according to foundation plans.

After gravel was poured and leveled at the required elevation, and blocks were transferred to the site and were placed and attached to each other in one day. Each of these blocks are reinforced at the bottom according to foundation plans; therefore there was no need for any kind of footing under the blocks other than 6 inches of gravel and a leveled cement strip. The whole foundation was finished in one day with no waste of material. Plumbing and slab concrete preparation started the next morning. Considering the speed and ease and also no waste in material and labour, this method proves to be more cost efficient for the whole project. As framing continued to the second floor, the precise casting and edges on these blocks made our framer’s life easier as well.

Mercury Contracting is committed to coming up with new and better ideas in construction and planning, and pre-cast concrete is one of those successful new methods that we have tried and will recommend to homeowners in our future projects.